Palatine Hill : Enjoy Rome’s most stunning views!

Palatine Hill is an amazing place to visit in Rome and is never missed by those who enjoy nature and tranquility. This hill is 40m high where you can see breathtaking sights of the Circus Maximus on one side, while on the other side you will see Roman Forum. Today, the Palatine Hill is a big alfresco exhibition hall where tourists from around the world can sit and enjoy daylight.




Palatine Hill- Enjoy Rome’s most stunning views!
Palatine Hill- Enjoy Rome’s most stunning views!




Palatine Hill is one of the most distinguished hills in Rome and its entrance is in Roman Forum and it has been welcoming people since 1000 B.C., which is proven by archaeological evidence. It is really cool to have an old place of heritage in Rome that is 1000 B.C. old and holds lots of stories.


Roman tradition has it that the female wolf found Remus & Romulus in the Palatine Hill and saved them. There is another myth that the shepherd, Faustulus found with his spouse the little babies.


Afterward, as the babies grew, they decided to build the city on the Hill until it grew big enough to become a Palace of Rome. If you desire a fresh, peaceful life, then, you should try living in Palatine Hill while enjoying the impressive Romanian sights.


Emperor Augustus was born on the Palatine hill and after many years, the emperors took over the hill entirely. His personal architect called Rabirius, amazingly re-landscaped the hill completely and had formed new buildings for the Emperor.With the expansion & construction of Rome and the continued elaboration of the Forum, the Palatine, today, has turned out to be a place to live peacefully. On this hill, the spirit & nature are much better.


When you are on the Palatine Hill, you have the advantage of beautiful views. On the Cicero, where the Hill is located, was the birthplace of the great Augustus, Rome’s future Emperor and you will enjoy the Farnese Gardens at the top of the Palatine Hill, which was beautifully designed by Vignola, the Rebirth architect.



A view of the Colosseum from the Palatine Hill
A view of the Colosseum from the Palatine Hill   ( source )




The gardens lots of beautiful plantations with much diversity of plants like; orange trees, boxwoods, and oleanders rose bushes. As the Farnese people moved out after some time, most of the villa on the Hill was pull down to pieces and the gardens fell into ruins and neglect.


Nero was also one of the most famous Romans who lived on the Palatine Hill and he called his place Domus Transitoria, which means a temporary residence. That was before he shriveled the city and started the Domus Aurea (that is what he called the city back then).


The Hill has a pretty stunning scene. Nevertheless, behind this antique construction, there are many disputes from a long time ago. Several people have tried to take over this Roman hill, and this is why it was burned down, re-landscaped and redesigned. Yet, despite all that had happened, the Palatine Hill still stands to the world with pride and tourists love going there every year to enjoy the Roman view!



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